Hold'em poker for advanced players

Hold'em poker for advanced players book coverWriter: David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth
Title: Hold'em poker for advanced players
Year: 2003
Who should read this book: All players who want to improve their limit cash game.

David Skansky’s and Mason Malmuth’s book, Hold'em Poker for advanced players is one of the big classics in poker literature. The book has been read by many striving players and therefore it has probably set some marks on the game.

Once upon a time Texas hold'em was synonymous to Limit hold'em, and even that the title is Hold'em poker for advanced players the book covers only fixed limit cash game. Therefore, it may not be exactly the right book for them who want to get general knowledge in poker. This book brings, nevertheless, lots of deep knowledge that should be beneficial for all players regardless the likes of certain game formats. But it should be said: this book is quite demanding and probably too advanced for the beginner. An excellent book for beginners to intermediate players are Winning Low-Limit Hold'em.

The instructions in the book are focusing on longhanded tables, but in later editions there is also a chapter on shorthanded added – a very good one too.

The book is very extensive and goes into details about how various game situations should be treated. It begins with a large presentation on how to play different types of starting hands and goes into many other subjects. At the end, there’s a part with questions and answers to test what you have learned.

The real muscles of the book – besides that the complete guide of the limit game can be practiced in the game immediately – lies in its deep insights of the game of poker that hasn’t been known earlier.

Review written by Oscar Sand

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