Lee Jones - Winning Low-Limit Hold'em

Winning Low-Limit Hold'em book coverWriter: Lee Jones
Title: Winning Low-Limit Hold'em
Year: 2003
Who should read this book: Novice and intermediate players who want to improve their game in Texas hold'em cash game limit.

Lee Jones has made a praiseworthy book about poker that is, for many, a wanted compliment of David Sklansky’s and Mason Malmuth’s Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players. Sklansky’s and Malmuth’s book is today among the classic poker books explains in detail how to play cash game Limit Texas hold'em.

Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players focus on medium high limits and a good strategy for that limits aren’t necessarily the right strategy for lower limits. Lee Jones in Winning Low-Limit Hold'em fills the gap with a strategical approach on these particular limits.

The arrangement in this book is made out by many short chapters that each gives very detailed glances of many game situations. Everything from which starting hands that are recommended in different positions to subjects like how to play when you flop two overcards.

Lee Jones motivates the need for his book that the subject has not really been covered before in a big scale and that the situations that occur in low limit games are so different that they need a special treatment. It’s hard not to agree for everyone that has seen or participated in games at a low level, with tons of players who like to see more cards instead for thinking about the pot odds they are certainly different from games on higher limits.

Winning Low-Limit Hold'em is an ambitious book trying to cover all important subjects that a player should be aware of in these games. It seems that Lee Jones has done a great job in presenting good stuff and even more experienced player's will almost for sure learn new things.

Review written by Oscar Sand

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