Modern Small Stakes - Nathan Williams

Modern Small Stakes book coverWriter: Nathan "blackrain79" Williams
Title: Modern Small Stakes – Advance Strategies for Dominating Today’s No Limit Hold'em Cash Games
Year: 2014
Who should read this book: Serious poker players who want to be able to earn a reasonable income from the game.

Modern Small Stakes is the follow up to Nathan William's Crushing The Microstakes. Then the previous book had the focus on microstakes, this one has small limits as its subject.

In the first book Williams' advice were about how to exploit weak players with a straight forward and optimal strategy, in the second book the advices are mostly about how to beat regulars and the advices takes an approach for a more balanced strategy. This time the writer also goes deeper into the reasons behind the plays. This is done with less general strategies and instead plenty of examples which gives the reader very concrete views of how to win on small stakes limits.

Nathan Williams has millions of poker hands behind him and are very generous about topics and as a poker player you might find some of it very interesting. There are lots of things here that go beyond the typical tips, such as when to move up a level and how to explore poker programs. Some other interesting subject is the nine types of board textures and how to put other players on tilt.

Modern Small Stakes is a very extensive book with 500 pages and lots of chapters on specific subjects with titles like: “BTN Opening Hand Range”, “CO Flatting Range” and “Constructing a 5Betting Range”. Even that the book is about small stakes (NL10-NL50) the level is rather advanced.

The book can only be ordered from the author’s website

Review written by Oscar Sand

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