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For most people playing poker it’s about entertainment. Of course, even the most recreational players do that they can to win, but the typical players would go as far to read poker books or analyze his hand history to improve.

What makes poker popular is the precondition that everyone can win. Poker is not like chess, poker have the chance as a big component and that can make everyone to a potential winner.

An alternative way of living

In the documentary Bet Raise Fold (2013), Tony Dunst comment the impact poker has had on his life: "Everything that I have in my life is the result of my first 75 dollars deposit in an online poker site".

Poker online presents a possibility to diverge from the conventional way of living in which adult life are the same thing as a working life. Poker can bring income by sitting in front of a computer in the pajamas. And it could bring much more money than an average salary.

At least, that is the idealist description of online poker. And it is true, but, of course, not for any. There are more losers than winners in poker. The players that think it’s easy and that money can be printed by playing without a throughout knowledge of the games will be disappointed. Successful players are ambitious and ready to analyze the game to become better and keep up with the competition.

In poker brain power is the key. You need to be able to think logical if you want to be a winning player and it’s an advantage if you have multitasking skills since the win rate goes up by playing at many tables simultaneously. Many successful poker players have background in strategical computer games such as StarCraft.

Others have transposed from other games, which involve more “slow thinking”, such as chess or Magic the gathering.


1998 Planet Poker launch the world's first real money online poker site.
1999 Paradise Poker and opens.
2000 PokerStars and opens.
2001 Ultimate Bet (later renamed to UB) and PartyPoker opens.
2004 Full Tilt Poker opens.
2006 UEGIA act is passed meant that poker online with money becomes illegal in US.
2009 PokerStars sets a world record with 307,000 players online simultaneously.
2010 Rush Poker is introduced on Full Tilt Poker as a fast-fold variation of the game.
2014 Spin & Go, a Sit & Go-lottery game, is introduced on PokerStars.