Could the players' cards be revealed?

If someone could see the other players card in an online poker room, every playing session would be a guaranteed win. There are websites that states that this could be done with certain software and also videos that explains how. Could this really be true?

By searching on Google or another search engine you could easily find information about special softwares and claims that these could make you see other players cards. Is this any true behind this or just simple a bluff?

Could the poker client be hacked?

In theory, a poker client (the software that are used when playing poker online) could be hacked. But the problem – or rather the blessing – is that all sensitive information, including the cards, are encrypted and not possible to decode. Also, the information from a played hand are not stored on the server until it is over.

Therefore, the answer is no. A poker client, that is properly managed, cannot be hacked in this way.

But why are so many telling another story? To tell a story about something that could be fixed and as a result make you earn money is classic component in a scam. The people that tell you that a program can make you see the hidden cards in an online poker room are doing this because they want to sell a product, a procuct that in a reality is worthless.

It’s the old story, someone is trying to make money on somebody else wish for earning easy money.

Screenshot video poker room

An example of a published video giving "proof" of showing opponent's hand at PokerStars.

You may still be unsure about this, since you may have seen a video clip on YouTube that seemed convincing to you. There are many video clips to be found on the web that “show” this, but it’s very easy to edit clips to make them look authentic. A video clip of this sort must be showed live otherwise it doesn’t prove anything at all.

Written by Oscar Sand

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