Rakeback is an old phenomenon that in the beginning was meant to be for the most loyal players in the poker room. In recent times it has become more common and it's no longer necessary that you are playing for big amount of money. But, for some years ago the trend shifted and nowadays it is only smaller poker rooms that offer rakeback as a way to promote themselves.

Rakeback means as the word implies that a part of the rake that going to the poker room are returned to the player. In figures, it is around 25 to 50%, but the others can shift even more. How can it be that the poker rooms gives the player such a generous offer? The first part of the answer is that the competition among the poker sites is very hard, and every poker room wants as many players as possible.

Is there no catch in this you may ask? Rakeback online is offered via partners to the poker room that are affiliated to the room. That means, for example, that you not can get a rakeback in a poker room you already are registered in. You must register via a rakeback partner before you start an account in a poker room. As you maybe understand by now, this is how the rakeback partner gets its own money. Their function is to deliver you to a poker room.

The drawback is, however, that the eventual bonus that is given by the poker room to you as a player will be reduced. By that said rakeback isn't a bad thing, but you should compare what you will win in returning rake with what you eventually lose in bonus and when decide if you want to try rakeback or not.

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