Poker software and policies

Third-party software are used by some online poker players to enhance their game results. This type of software can provide the user with statistics, odds and advice. Among the most common concepts are heads-up displays (HUDs), that collect data and show numbers on other players while the poker client is running.

There are many programs on the market, such as PokerTracker, Holdem Manager and Flopzilla. In recent years, however, some software made to improve the result are no longer allowed by the poker sites or due to changes in the clients can’t be used.

General rules for a software to be allowed

Allowed features in software in most poker rooms:

  • Software that present diagrams, odds, starting hand rankings and other static information.
  • Software that creates a profile based on the hand you are playing against this player.
  • Software that analyze your game through the hand history and present data upon it.

Not allowed features in software in most poker rooms:

  • Software that present advice in real time based on the situation on the table.
  • Software that get player hand history from a central database.

Poker room specific rules for software use

Many poker rooms have been stricter in their policy on use of software. Here of some policies from different poker rooms.

Poker Stars

Poker Stars use the term “External player Assistance tools” (“EPA Tools”) concerning software that are not allowed. This refers to software “that are designed to provide an ‘unfair advantage’ to players ... as computer software (other than the Software), and non-software-based systems (e.g. web sites, subscription services and physical materials).”

Poker Stars gives a list with software that “are prohibited at all times”:

  • Advanced Poker
  • CalculatorAlphaPoker
  •  CardAnalyzer
  • Cardhider
  • Frogbot
  • FullAutoHoldem
  • Gambot
  • Hand Grabber
  • Hand HQ
  • HH Repository
  • HHCollector
  • HHdealer
  • hhSmithy
  • Hold'em Watcher
  • Holdem Hawk
  • Holdem Inspector
  • Holdem Pirate
  • Holdem Spy
  • Holdem Tournament Raider
  • ICM-Bot
  • iHH Harvester
  • Mandraker
  • MyPokerIntel
  • NoLimitFoldem
  • Online Omaha High Inspector
  • Online Poker Bot
  • Online Tournament Inspector
  • Open Holdem Bot
  • OPI Wizard
  • Paragon Poker Pal
  • Poker Android
  • Poker Bloodhound
  • Poker Bot+
  • Poker Crusher
  • Poker Edge
  • Poker Inspector
  • Poker Mate
  • Poker Prophecy
  • Poker Sherlock
  • Poker Sidekick
  • Poker Table Manager
  • Poker Usher
  • POKERobot
  • Preflop Autofolder
  • Preflop Poker Bot
  • RatingViewer
  • Seeker
  • Sense Mind
  • SessionLord CashOpener
  • SessionLord HandTracker
  • SessionLord Multitabling
  • SessionLord SngAutoColoring
  • SessionLord SnGOpener
  • SessionLord SpinRegistrator
  • Shanky Bot
  • SharkMate
  • Sit And Go Shark
  • Sit n' Go Brain
  • Sixth Sense
  • SmartCollector
  • SpadeEye
  • Stars Hand History
  • SpinWiz
  • StarSpy
  • StatsForPoker
  • Stud Inspector
  • Table Ratings
  • Texas Auto Fold
  • WarBot
  • WinHoldem

Poker Stars also present tools that are allowed:

  • ALL IN Expert
  • ChartManager
  • ChartView
  • Chart Helper
  • CoffeeCalcs
  • ColoringTool
  • Combonator
  • HoldemResources Calculator
  • Holy Grail of Poker
  • Hold'em Manager
  • Hold'em Signs
  • Jennifear
  • Limit Hold'em Pre-flop Hand Advisor by Intellipoker
  • MonkerSolver
  • OmahaChecker
  • Paperless Poker Plan
  • PokerStrategy's Equilab
  • PokerStrategy ICM Trainer
  • PokerStove
  • Poker Push Bot
  • PreflopSSS
  • ProPokerTool's Odds Oracle
  • ProPokerTools' Simulations
  • PushPot
  • RangeEdge
  • SAGE Decision Calculator
  • Short Stacking Strategy Calculator
  • SimpleNash
  • SitnGo Wizard
  • Sit n' Go End Game Tools
  • Slice
  • SnapShove
  • SNG Solver
  • SNG Power Tools
  • Spade ICM
  • SpinsHelper
  • STT Analyze
  • TableNinja 1
  • Texas Calculatem

Party Poker

Party Poker doesn’t mention HUDs and software in their T&Cs. They only mention “the use of software programs which are designed to enable artificial intelligence” to play on the site and enable unfair advantage.