Make your money last longer

poker chips and hand on the tableFor tons of people, the poker online journey becomes short, sometimes just an hour or two. After deposit 20 dollar or so the money is soon lost and when they feel done with poker.

The money could have last longer, however, and some advice for that to happen will be presented in this article.

Play fixed limit instead for no limit

The average pot is considerable smaller in fixed limit compared to no limit. That simply means that money won’t be disappearing at the same speed if you’re losing.

In no limit, a player can bet or raise big to make it expensive to call. In fixed limit, things are different. It never especially expensive to call and you can therefore play more hands and catch these straights and flush draws more other.

Think about the money management

If you deposit smaller amounts like $10 or $20, you should play at the smallest limits. Most poker room offer micro limits with only $0.01/$0.02 stakes. Playing at these will give time to earn experience before your money is gone.

If you prefer tournaments, search for the ones that cost only $1 or less to participate in.

Search for strategy tips to become a better player

In a longer perspective, you must probably study the game some, otherwise the risk is great that you end up as a constantly losing player. The tips above will make your money last longer, but perhaps you have higher ambitions than just reducethe speed of money losing?

To become a long-term winning player will often take time. Several months or more if you’re a complete beginner. Every time you play, you will improve. Yet, the improvement will be slow if you only use the trial-and-error method. You will get better much faster If you read about strategies in books or on the web. Doing so, you will earn knowledge fast and you can take your game to the next level.

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Written by Oscar Sand

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