Different ways of multi-tabling in poker

One of the best things about playing poker online is the fact that you can play at several tables simultaneously. This is called multi-tabling and the primarily reason to do it is that you can increase your hourly rate. On the negative side, many tables demand more of your concentration and the more tables you add the harder it will be to perform well.

How many tables you can play on at once depends also on how many players there are on the table. You will obviously get a lot busier multi-tabling heads-up than long-handed. It could also differ between cash game and tournaments. Especially in early phases of tournaments there are often reason to play few staring hands and this makes it perfect to multi-table.

Tile tables

The picture below shows multi-tabling with the windows side by side. This is a popular choice since it gives a great overview. On the other hand, this demands a big screen with high resolution. The alternative is to connect two or more screens.

Screenshot of four tiled table

Tiled tables on PokerStars.

To get the table tiled as in the screenshot above you can use a short commando or use the menu that available in the poker table window (notice that the exact procedure can differ among poker rooms).

You can then choose if you want the poker tables to be automatically activated then it’s your turn to act or if you activate the table manually. The advantage with auto-activating is that the software tells you what is going on all the time. The disadvantage with auto-activating is that you could be disturb when you are facing a tough decision on another table.

Cascade tables

The picture below shows six tables in cascade view.

Screenshot cascaded tables

Cascaded tables on PokerStars.

This is an option if the tables are too many to be clearly visibly in tiled view. With the table arrange in this way the limit of how many tables you could play on simultaneously are not limited by the screen but to your own ability.

The downside is that you don’t have the same overview over the tables and it will to some degree resemble to simultaneous chess.

Stack tables

The picture below shows six tables in stack view.

Screenshot Stacked tables

Stacked tables on PokerStars.

This is almost the same as cascade view, but you have no visual hint of how many windows that are opened.

Stack tables is also the choice if you want to multi-tabling on a mobile screen.

Written by Oscar Sand

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