Poker versus betting – why your chances are better in poker

Sportsbetting and poker room screenshots merged When poker is compared to betting one thing that is apparent is the reasons that make poker to the game to prefer if winning chances are considered.

There are lots of games to wager on. In many cases, skill isn’t involved and the negative long-term expectations are a rigidus fact.

Poker and sports betting – the winning chances

Being a sports bettor that win constantly are rare. There are two major reasons for this:

  1. The odds you get are decided by proficient bookmakers.
  2. The good bets you can find are limited.

Sports bettors are constantly playing against experts, or at least very competent bookmakers that are setting the line in a way that will obstruct the player from easy money. Sometimes the lines are not well weighted, but to find these on a regular basis demands a lot of time investment.

When it comes to poker on the other hand, you will play against random players and not bookmakers that are hired for their competence and have advanced algorithms to their assistant.  In poker, things are indead very different. You will encounter beginner players, frustrated players, players that play and surf on the web on the same time, players that are drunk, players that are tired and players that even don’t know the rules in detail.

It is really quite obvious. Putting it metaphorically: when playing on sports you are in an arena with gladiators, paid and trained fighters; when playing poker, you pick a fight with a random guy or girl on the street. Not that fighting is recommended in any way, but you get the picture.

How long before you know if you’re winner or a loser?

An important aspect regardless if you play poker or on sports is to know if you’re a winning player or not. This is not as easy as many thinks. Some got a little – or very much so – naïve in this domain: they win a few times and begin to think that they will most certainly continue doing so.

A comparison by sports betting and poker is that you can play much more often in poker on profitable conditions. As said earlier, being a serious sport bettor means research for bets and not to choose all matches that are played the same night. That means that you cannot play as much as you want and consequently you won’t get very much action.

In poker, given, that you don’t play on high stakes, you can get action 24/7 and that amount of action will relative soon tell you if you are a presumable long-term winner or not.

There is definitely variance in poker, which makes it difficult to tell for sure, but the information is nevertheless much larger than in sports betting there it can go days or even weeks between your bets.

Also, when you find a profitable bet there you think the bookmaker’s line are unbalanced, you will most likely only have a marginal positive expectation. Your edge in poker, however, can sometimes be huge if you are enough good and the opponent is very weak.

Because of the constant profitable action that’s is possible to find when playing poker online you can play as many hours you want every day. This means that even if you play with very low stakes, you can still achieve an hourly rate that is $5, $10 or maybe $20 per hour.

Written by Oscar Sand

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