Tells when playing online poker

HeartTells differs a lot in live poker and on Internet. You can't see the other player's body language then playing online, but you can still watch how they act according to their reacting time and betting patterns.

In poker online, every player has a certain time to their disposal. Therefore, you can make judgments depending on how they are using the time.

Here are a few guidelines that you should have in mind:

1) A player call instantly a small bet after the flop: you should suspect he has a drawing hand or a really great hand.
2) A player check instantly after the flop, the turn or the river: you should suspect that he doesn’t have anything at all or just a hand he doesn’t want to make any investments in. 
3) A player waits a remarkable long time before he calls: you should suspect he either is unsure of his hands strength or has a really strong hand himself and want you to believe the opposite.
4) A player using the automation button to call: you should suspect a hand with little potential that his not very interested of. 
5) Never forget that players can be manipulating with tells to give you wrong impressions.

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