Introduction to poker online

Poker online has during the last years exploded and nowadays attracts millions of people and many choose to sign up to a poker room. Since the popularity of the game have grown, you can find a lot of online poker rooms in these days.

How to open an account?

If you are thinking of open an account on a poker room you should first do some research to find the right poker room. After you have found something that match your preferences, the next step is to download the software, a so-called client from the website of the poker room (the program is free), or alternatively, play directly in the browser. After the download and the installation, the client opens and now you can register and perhaps make a deposit to your new account. A deposit isn't required to use the client, you can choose to pass this and use play money instead.

Poker (especially Texas hold'em) on the Internet is a flourishing industry and the poker rooms are therefore involved in big competition. This is good news for you because the rooms are giving their customers lots of nice bonus offers, and there's no charge to play except the rake.

And hey, don't forget that visual chips with numbers on are real money!

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