Cheatings in poker?

Hand and poker chipsPlaying on Internet seems to provide cheating possibilities and cheating does for a fact exist. The most common way to cheat in this case would primarily be to co-operate with some other poker player sitting on the same board, collusion.

On the other hand, is the poker rooms very aware of this and protect (if it's a serious poker room) the players from cheaters with effective methods.

It should also be said this are not a very common phenomenon, and it is not obvious at all that two players who are cheating always wins.

Therefore, you should not be all too worried about the risk of losing because you get cheated online. If you still suspect this have occurred, you can report hands (all hands are numbered) to the poker room that you suspect were inflicted by unfairness.

In recent time another method that being used are DDOS attacks. It can be used by a player in a heads-up match for example. When a big pot have arrised the cheating player does a bet (with the weaker hand) and on the same time attack the opponents computer. If the DDOS attack succeds the player gets disconnected and finally automatically folding the hand and losing the pot.

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