Introduction to poker strategy

Jack of heartsThis poker guide doesn't promise you miracles like "make thousands of dollars every month". Such things can never be promised in the game of poker, but one thing can be said for sure: the player that accomplishes the following three criteria will be a winning poker player ...

1. Knowledge + experience
2. Continuity
3. Self-control

It's that simple, but on the same time very hard to fulfil. Knowledge is information about strategies and odds plus experience that you gain by playing. According to the poker legend Doyle Brunson the later is the far most important: "Knowing what to do - the science - is about 10% of the game. Knowing how to do it - the art - is the other 90%".

Continuity is to play after a plan more than play in a restless manner; this subject belongs mostly in the field of money management. Self control finally is about what the word saying: never lose control when the cards turn against you. How to manage self control will be explained in the section about psychology.

What the tips in this poker guide cannot do is give you experience at the table. Neither can it give you any guarantees that you will be able to keep sufficient continuity or be able to practise self control all the time.

If you study and learn the instructions that will follow, you should be better than a big majority of the players you going to face on Internet and most other places. How you after that practise your strategical knowledge, your money management insights and your understanding for the psychology is always something you must carry through on your own.

In the sidebar to the left you see all the articles in this strategy guide. The recommendation is to start with the article on Basic poker strategy.