Probabilities in poker

Here are some important probabilities in Texas hold'em that is very good to be familiar with. Knowledge about probabilities helps you to correct evaluate situations in poker, so, for example, that you don't call when you shouldn't and fold when you have the odds in your favor.

Pre-flop probabilities Odds Percent
Probability of being dealt a pocket pair 16-1 6%
Probability of being dealt A-A (or any specific pair) 220-1 0.5%
Probability of being dealt suited cards  3-1 24%
Probability of being dealt connectors   11-1 9%
Probability of being dealt suited connectors 46-1 2%
Flop probabilities    
Probability of making a pair on the flop 2-1 27%
Probability of hitting a set (or better) when holding a pocket pair 46-1 12%
Draw probabilities    
Probability of hitting a flush draw on the turn or river 2-1 35%
Probability of hitting an open-ended straight-draw on the turn or river 2-1 32%
Probability of hitting an inside straight draw on the turn or river 5-1 17%

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