Seven-card Stud - Strategy

Two face down and one up cardIn seven-card stud poker where’s no positional pros and cons like in Texas hold’em or Omaha because the position is changing depending on the development of the players cards, see Seven-card Stud rules. The element that instead become in focus is how you base your play upon which cards are or have been visible. If your cards that are among your outs already have been taken from the deck, the potential of your hand are reduced. This is an important factor when you deciding if you going to fold or not.

A rule by the thumb to rely on if you hesitate about to fold or not is to play until the size for betting are doubled (see rules once again). Hands that likely already been beaten or have a little potential should of course be folded immediately after the flop. These are some common guidelines; we should now look on some more specific game advices.

Starting hands

The best starting hand in Seven-card stud are (A-A)-A. The parenthesis indicates that these are dark cards. To get this hand or other trips are, however, very rare. One pair is on the other side more common and in this case it’s an advantage if the pair is not showed, for example (Q-Q)-7. A hand like this are more attractive to play than (Q-7)-Q because it gives away lesser information to the opponents. All hands that include a pair not lower than 6 or 7 are in most cases worth playing.

Other strong starting hands are suited connectors. Even suited semi-connectors as (7♦-8♦)-T♦ are playable. As it was told about the pair should the values not be too low as the risk increases that they losing against a higher flush or a higher straight.


Playing Seven-card stud on a full table, it will say nine players that use to be the case, demands a lot of patience. If you want to play with a selective choice of starting hands, which is preferably, you’re going to be watching your opponent play without you a lot. It’s as been told an extra betting round in 7 stud comparing to Texas hold’em and Omaha. You must be able not to lose your patience and avoid play hands that aren’t strong enough.

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