Who is the unluckiest player?

Face down cardWho is the unluckiest player? This may sound as an odd question in relation to the fact that luck is presupposed to be random in an endless time perspective. The luck will therefore only be irregular in shorter - relatively speaking - intervals. Besides, then it comes to poker, the degree of the luck is decided by the complexity of the game.

Can it still be said that some categories of players are more unluckier than others? The question should maybe be put in another way: what categories of players are more prone to face bad luck?

Factors concering skill

Poker can be a tough game with many up and downs. Sometimes you don’t feel in harmony at the poker table, you are facing too much disappointment. Maybe you have become irritated by the way you have lost some pots: you think that you have play correct when your opponents have made calls without good reasons.

Can you relate to this situation? Do you often feel that you are unluckier than other players? If you think that it now going to be said that you are crying for nothing, you are wrong. The truth is that a skilled player suffers more in poker than a bad player. This emerges from the fact that the bad player wins more often by luck than the skilled player.

The support for this argument is simple: the skilled player doesn’t aim for luck, he tries to avoid it. When a skilled player win, it's not a big thing, it’s only natural, and you won’t be tremendous excited every time it happens. When you lose, on the other hand, you may be upset about how things turned out in the hand. Maybe an opponent was saved by the last card in a situation there his chances were minimal. Because he overlooked the logical thinking connected to the odds, you feel that he doesn’t deserve it. Maybe he didn’t, but you must remember that it belongs to the game you are playing.

You must learn to accept losing to players you rank below yourself. If you cannot do this, you lack something that belongs to a good poker player: harmony within the game.

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