Manage your skills

Poer card kingIt’s in the interest of a player that master poker to a certain degree to play under such circumstances that best gain his skills in the game. These circumstances can vary depending on what playing conditions that occurs.

There are many forms of poker and combinations of these to choose from: limit, no limit, cash game, tournaments, heads up, shorthanded, longhanded and more. Various conditions such as these will influence the outcome between skill and luck in different degree. Except variations in forms there is more circumstances playing a role, among these is blinds structure, multi table, choice of time for your playing.

Different forms of poker

Let’s begin with different playing forms. First I want to focus the dividing of heads-up, shorthanded and longhanded. It’s a fact that the affects of luck will increase then the game is decided between a group of ten players. It will be many multi-way pots their irrational players can be your worse opponent, and their hands that first was weak can develop to the strongest.

Playing heads-up you experience different conditions: you will play against one player only all the time and also the same particular player all through the game. That means that the strongest starting hands more often will end as the strongest hands and that your opponent must defeat you on his own

Another dividing concerns sit n go contra bigger tournaments ... It's of course harder to win a tournament than a sit n go, but the luck has on the same time a bigger influence. The luck is with other words more important in a tournament. You can't go really far in a tournament with bad cards, but with good play may you be “in the money” in a sit & go even that you get relative bad cards if you play the situations right.

If you play sit n go will the blinds structure be an important part. With the blind structure I here primary mean the time intervals for the decreasing blinds. In a poker room, you can usually choose from different time intervals. These can be named fast, medium, slow (in the poker rooms lobby these more often is called names as “turbo”, “super turbo” and so on). There are a few things to say about this before a statement about the most suitable interval is. It can directly be pointed out that the longer interval between the blind limits, the most decisive part is made by skills. Then the blinds getting higher will the cards get more important, and that gives fewer possibilities to play selective or to leave a pot after the flop.

Even after this statement if wont is obvious which blind structure it’s the right choice. It will on the same time take longer time for you to win money, your hourly rate is decreasing. It would, therefore, be desirable to find a way that gives enough room for skilful play and possibilities for satisfactory profit.

Sit n Go versus Cash game

Now it’s time to put sit n go against cash game. Cash game is often classed as the number one game then it comes to skills. This statement is primarily based on that genuine poker generates better EV in more situations in cash game then sit n go allow. In sit n gos many situation must be solved in a way that are rooted in the criteria’s of the tournament and not only based on a particular hand. There is, for example, situations in a sit n go there it can be discussed if it’s the right choice to fold A-A pre flop (!), something that hardly is on the agenda in a cash game.

No limit versus Limit

To choose among no limit and limit is not so much about the relation skill against luck (even if you can choose to argument about this), as individual abilities in poker. No limit is probably the right choice for players that are good in bluffing and are mentally armed to survive fast swings in the bankroll.

Finally, we should discuss the idea of playing multi table that can generate a bigger profit on a shorter time. To play on several tables at once can also be an alternative to move up a higher limit. The cons of playing multi table are that you maybe will feeling more stressed than amused by the game. To get familiar with it there no better way than try it out and then decide what your feel about it. Most poker clients offer special adapted windows for playing multi table.

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